what is numo?

numo is a technology incubator. We build consumer & enterprise software in house related to financial services.

are you a venture capital fund?

No. numo does not provide funding to early stage startups. We incubate and build products with our in house technical team.

can I apply for my startup to join numo?

Unlike most incubators, we do not take applications from startups. There are many great incubators and accelerators out there that will provide some funding and great guidance for your early stage startup. A few that we really like are here:

Incubators & Accelerators

Venture Capital Firms

who funds numo?

numo is an independent subsidiary of a fortune 500 financial services firm. We are 100% funded by this parent company.

can I use numo to have your parent company evaluate or use my fintech product?

No. We do not advise our parent company on what fintech products to use.

what’s this about working with academics?

Yes. The numo model was designed specifically to enable meaningful collaboration with technical academics. We seek out academics with specific skills useful in projects we’re working on, and evaluate ideas from academics for new projects. If you’re an academic with an entrepreneurial mind and a bright idea in fintech we’d love to talk.

how does equity work?

Employees of numo have the opportunity to own equity directly in products and companies that are incubated at numo.

can I submit an idea for numo to consider?

We’re always interested in great ideas. You may submit an idea on our contact page. The numo team will review the idea. If we like what we see, we’ll be in touch.

do you partner with other startups, incubators or corporates?

numo does not provide funding to early stage startups. We incubate and build products with our in house technical team.

when did you launch?

numo launched in February 2017.

do you build products outside of financial services ?

No, numo is focused on the fintech space. Or products that directly benefit financial services institutions.

are you hiring?

Yes. Check out our careers page.

how can I work with numo?

If you have an idea that is a match with our skills & interests, you may have the option to join numo as a contractor or employee. Equity in incubated ideas can be involved in either path. If you’re interested in full time employment check out our careers page. If you have other questions please contact us.

how do you source ideas to work on?

Ideas are sourced based on our relationship with our parent financial institution and from academics at leading universities that we partner with.

have you launched any spinoff products or companies that I might have heard of?

numo launched in February 2017 and is currently working on our launch portfolio of projects. More details to come.